Difference Between Etched & Engraved Nameplates

A nameplate nowadays comes in different shapes and sizes and has a variety of qualities. One should consider a lot of things before coming up with a decision of choosing a certain type of nameplate. They differ in shape, quality, sizes, and the process through which they are marked. Two types of plates are very popular and are prominently used. The Etched Nameplates and the engraved nameplates are the most popular ones. Though one could often count several similarities they share, the process of manufacturing them is quite different. Thus it does get important to understand each of these nameplates before deciding to choose one among them.

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There are many prominent label engravers, but we at machine plates online have years of experience in selling only the best quality etched nameplates and engraved nameplates. We also have a dedicated team for addressing customer grievances.

Etched vs Engraved Nameplates

Coming to a decision is often easy when you have got a good idea about the details of options you have got to choose from. The same goes while choosing between the etched and engraved nameplates. They both have different processes while they are made and this could be your deciding factor too.

While making the etching nameplates, an artwork film is created based on your proof nameplate. It is then shot on a silkscreen while using vacuum and ultraviolet lights to burn it. Once the plate is ready, we dip them in the acid tanks as per the etching process.  Once it is reviewed with the right copy, we have a variety of options for fabrication, or else the color is filled according to your instructions.

The process of making engraved nameplates is slightly different. A rotator engraver is used to cut through the nameplate creating an easily visible image. Then a laser is used to put a high amount of heat on the surface. To get the deeper marks this process will have to be repeated to get the item exactly how you want it.

When to Select Etched and Engraved Nameplates

If you want a nameplate to mention very important safety measures or want them to be used for attaining specific directions, the best option is to choose etched nameplates. These kinds of nameplates are generally used when a piece of information has to be conveyed on fire doors, on aircraft, in submarines, or important military vehicles. It is also very beneficial for industrial companies who want to put their important model number or the manufacturing dates, inclusive of serial numbers on the nameplate.

Though when it comes to precision, engraved nameplates are the best option. They mostly use metal, plastic, wood, leather among other things for engraving. They serve as the best option when you are looking for personalized nameplates.

Choose Machine Plates Online

If you are looking for a durable engraved phenolic labels nameplate, a machine plate online is the best option.  We customize the plates according to your needs and make sure to complete all the processes to make them with precision and perfection. We have experience of over 30 years serving up to the expectation and demands of our customers. We are quick to respond to your every query and assure you to quote all the details within 24 hours. We make sure to complete the product in a span of mere 5 to 6 days. It is our consistency and dedication that we have received so much love for our work over the years. We are fair with our commitment to provide you with utmost satisfaction and fulfill all your needs while maintaining the required standard.

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